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Quality and Characteristics

No, but if an article do not meet your demand, you can return it to us and will be paid off. See our General Terms of Sales

How to do?

The low-temperature wash protects your linen and protects also the environment. Wash at 40°C is sufficient in most cases.

Prefer soft washing powders with soap. Get out the habit of using softeners or others chemical whitening agents.

The use of the dryer shortens the life expectancy of your linen; hang your linen outside to dry naturally when possible.

All the organic cotton articles can be ironed normally, including at high temperature. Be careful not to expose to the sun articles died with natural dyes.

What is?

logo GOTSThe GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile standard) is a worldwide organization internationally recognized in the field of echolological and social textile production. The Gots repository establishes binding environnemental and social criteria for all the actors of the biological textil chain who refer to it, in order to insure to the final consumer the organic nature of textile since the obtaining of fibers until the labeling, including all steps in the processing.

In terms of weaving, satin weave is one of the three methods of crossing the threads, with plain weave and herrinbone twil weave. It is also one of more complex mean provided to obtain fabrics with soft, smooth, fine and brilliant appearance on its face and matt on the backside.

Originally, the satin was weaved with silk threads. The satin-wooven cotton gives the bedlinen extra luster and softness against the skin.