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The must of sandinavian and organic bed linen

The authentic scandinavian design and the best of organic cotton

Designed and produced in Denmark by TrueStuff, and all very representative of the Scandinavian style by the quality of their material and the sobriety of their drawing, the household linen selected by lapoulenoire is exclusively made in organic cotton and corresponding, furthermore, to the standards GOTS.

  • High quality ORGANIC household linen
  • High thread count linen, fine and delicate
  • The tissues of duvet covers are specially designed and weaved to obtain the best effect
  • Organic and purely Scandinavian linen, produced in Dänemark by TrueStuff
  • Subtlety of drawing, quality of manufacturing and ethical positioning are the main reasons of the ch

The choices of la Poule Noire

La Poule Noire choosees her suppliers according to a set of criteria:

  • Respect for the man and for the environment throughout the production line, since the obtaining of the raw material up to the end product

  •  Natural raw materials, exempt of harmful products, and certified by an independent and recognized organization

  •  Process workshops guaranteeing the dignity of the social conditions

  •  Quality of articles and quality of their design

Why these choices?

The conventional culture of the cotton uses considerable quantities of very fatal pesticides for the health of those among whom it is the work, fatal also for the environment.

The transformation of the cotton, in particular its dye, when it is practised without reflection, makes use of toxic products as certain heavy metals or their by-products.

The workshops of transformation themselves often attach little importance to the conservation of the health of those who work in it and are frequently far from insuring decent social conditions.

The certification, by an independent third party, of the mode of obtaining the raw material and its transformation, throughout the production line, guarantees the respect for the man and the environment.